Commemoration Hall

Patch Prepares To Make a Change

Unfortunately, at this present time, we have to announce that no future events are being booked, by our Artistic Director Lydia Eldridge and ably run by the members of Patch, at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon. Please note though, that Patch WILL still be operational as an independent community group with the same name and similar aims!

We have and will continue to work to support the aims of this community-focused organisation and to support the Trustees of the Huntingdon Commemoration Hall Charity in the organisation, promotion and delivery of a programme of Performing Arts for both professional and amateur groups that would entertain, thrill and move its audiences while ensuring full access, equality of opportunity and diversity for all. The support of these activities has been through fundraising by Patch members.

Patch has been able to fulfill that mission over the last 9 years, but with the decision to terminate the services of Lydia from 1 December 2014, Patch will be unable to continue in it’s present form, and so we are planning to be a voluntary run independent community group with the same name, with similar aims, as stated above.

This change has been very unexpected, as you will see from our Future Events 2015 page, we had a fantastic and varied programme booked ahead which sadly we have had to cancel at this point of time.

Lydia has championed 'Starz in Your Eyes', the evenings where young people with special needs have been able to meet up and have fun. These WILL continue and Patch members are proud to support and help Lydia on these evenings.

Patch members will be meeting over the next 3 months where we are hoping to be able to announce that we will be able to organise some future events in Huntingdon. We have had 9 years of experience and want to continue to do what we do well!

Thanks has to be given to Lydia Eldridge, our Artistic Director, who has managed us all and kept the varied arts programme fresh and vibrant with all our bookings over the years.

Also thanks go to past and present committee members who have given their time and energy unreservedly and as volunteers since 2005.

We also have to thank you all for the support you have offered over the last 9 years and look forward to a future where we can all meet up again to enjoy an evening of entertainment organised and run by our new Patch group.

Please check back on this web site and look in our local newspapers where we hope to bring better and brighter news. We are still here as Patch and excited and thrilled to be looking forward to arranging events in the near future.

There will be new Patch contact details in the near future.