Commemoration Hall

What a wonderful way to end this chapter of Patch, with ’A Pleasing Terror’, two ghost stories performed by R. M. Lloyd Parry at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon, Friday 13th January 2017. The main hall was lit by a fantasy-like walkway of over 100 tea lights, enticing patrons to the stage to be seated behind the stage curtains in an atmospheric space lit by the storytellers candles, where Robert sat in his armchair by a table, as in a parlour with refreshments, books and decor taking us to a past era. His storytelling is captivating, and the atmosphere was charged as each part of the two stories were told, added to by the hall’s natural noises! Thank you Robert for yet another fabulous evening.

Patch will be going into a ‘suspended mode’, as the Commemoration Hall is due to close in April this year for approximately 18 months for a refurbishment, after which Patch will return to continue their shows and events for the people of Huntingdon and area, to come along too and enjoy!

It is hoped that Patch may still be able to produce some shows and events between the hall’s closure and it’s re-opening, in other local venues. Please check our website from time to time, as we plan to keep this up and running, and hope to post so you can be kept up to date with both Patch and the hall’s progress.

Patch (Performing Arts at the Commemoration Hall) wish to thank all past and present committee, volunteers and patrons for their support over the past 11 years, and looking forward to the future.