Commemoration Hall

Performing Arts At The Commemoration Hall


Adopted on 26th October 2015

1 Name

The name of the organisation is the Performing Arts At The Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon.

2 Aims

The aims of the organisation are to support the Trustees of Huntingdon Commemoration Hall Charity (registered number 302645) in the organisation, promotion and delivery of a programme of Performing Arts for both professional and amateur groups that will entertain, thrill and move the audiences while ensuring full access, equality of opportunity and diversity for all.

3 Powers

The committee shall have the power to do all such lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the aims.

4 Membership

Membership shall be open to all regardless of sex, race, and religious or political opinion and are interested in furthering the work of the organisation or taking an active part in promoting its aims.

5 The Committee

The committee shall comprise of not fewer than 3 nor more than 10 committee members, appointed or elected at the Annual General Meeting, including the offices of;

Chairperson – Secretary - Treasurer



6 Appointment and retirement of committee members

All committee members shall retire at the AGM, but they may be nominated and elected for a further term.


7 Committee Members interests


No voting member of the committee shall receive any payment (over and above the reimbursement of out of pocket expenses) or have an interest in any outside contract entered into by the committee.


8 Committee meetings


The committee shall hold at least 6 meetings in each year. All Committee members shall be entitled to receive reasonable period of notice for all meetings. There shall be a quorum when not less than3 voting members are present at a meeting.


Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of those present and voting. If there is an equality of votes the member chairing the meeting shall have the casting vote.


The committee may appoint sub-committees to carry out any task which it thinks appropriate to do so, provided that all acts that are carried out by the subcommittee are reported promptly and fully to the committee.

Minutes shall be kept of the proceedings of all committee and subcommittee meetings, and shall include the date of the meeting, the names of those present and a record of the decision taken.


9 Annual General Meeting


The organisation shall hold an Annual General Meeting in March of each year or as soon as possible afterwards. At least 14 days’ notice will be given of the Annual General Meeting.


10 Extraordinary General Meeting

The committee may call an extraordinary general meeting of the organisation at any time and shall do so if requested to do so in writing by no fewer than 6 members of the organisation, stating the business to be considered.


At least 14 days’ notice of extraordinary general meetings shall be given to all members of the organisation, stating the business to be discussed.


11 Finance and Accounts


The organisation shall operate a bank account in the name of Performing Arts at the Commemoration Hall and all income of the organisation shall be paid into the account.


All cheques drawn on the bank account shall require the signatures

of 2 out of 3 named members (the Treasurer, Secretary and 1 other named member.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of income and expenditure and for preparing and presenting financial

reports on a regular basic and an annual statement of accounts.


12 Alterations to the Constitution


Subject to the restrictions listed below, the constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of members present and voting at an extraordinary general meeting. The notice of the extraordinary general meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out terms of the alteration proposed.


No amendment may be made to the name of the organisation, the aims, the committee member’s interest or this clause.



13 Winding up the Organisation


The organisation may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two thirds of those present and voting in favour at a properly convened extraordinary general meeting of the members of the organisation. The notice of the extraordinary general meeting shall state the purpose of the meeting.


In the event that a resolution to dissolve the organisation is passed and any assets remain after the settlement of all proper debts liabilities, these shall NOT be divided amongst the members, but held in the bank account for 12 months to enable a similar group with same aims to form. After this time the monies shall be transferred to Huntingdon Commemoration Hall Charity Account (registration number 302645) to act as guardians for the soul purpose for the users and hirers of the Commemoration Hall in pursuit of artistic development.


14 Adoption


This constitution was adopted on the date mentioned above by the persons whose signatures appear at the bottom of this document.